Plugin Development

We are capable of developing Customized plugins for business applications. We research and build innovative Approaches in our development lifecycle. Good experience in developing customized plugin development for ATLASSIAN (Confluence, JIRA, BitBucket, DevOps, SonarQube, Jenkins and governance & compliance.


Our experts:

• We are familiar with Atlassian API, Atlassian Connector to your customized tools.

• We are familiar in developing Atlassian plugins for both Data center and Cloud, developing data migration feature.

• We have good hands on experience on api development for SonarQube, Jenkins, JIRA, BitBucket, Confluence.

• Expertise on a range of technologies such as: Reactjs, Nodejs, Python, Java, GCP, AWS, .Net


Confluence space Analytics With this plugin, we are eliminating that gap and providing most important insights to the organization to promote the confluence usage and support the users who are contributing to confluence usages. Below are the features we are currently providing.
▪ Highly contributed user rank
▪ Most updated pages in a space
▪ Most liked pages in a space
▪ Number of Pages created in a space
▪ Number of Pages updated in a space
▪ Number of likes in the space
▪ Most updated pages list with their respective count
▪ Most liked pages list with the respective count



As part of compliance handling, we protect user deleting the issues. Through our plugin the user can raise the delete request to the JIRA, Confluence administrator. The administrator approve nor reject the delete request and all the activities are captured in the audit log and exported as csv file when required.