We deliver agile DevOps services that help companies to automate their entire development and operations process intelligently which eventually paves the way to build quality and safe code by providing agile development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Security, Continuous testing and continuous delivery.


Cloud Migration

Considering moving your workloads to the cloud, be it your applications, database or server? Confused how and where to start? Stigmata Techno Solutions can help your organization to migrate your servers, databases, applications, and email to cloud, dedicated, and virtual environments.

Serverless Computing

We create serverless computing that focuses on building app functionality without spending time on infrastructure management. The cloud provider handles the setup, capacity planning and server management for you. We architect applications for serverless computing making them highly scalable and event-driven, only using resources when a specific function or trigger occurs.

Mobile development

Having good expertise in Java frameworks, we adopt React Native for Mobile app development. Through this hybrid app development, we can provide the outcomes in cross platforms. React Native framework has its advantage of a well-supported developer Community saving cost and time for the clients.

Plugin Development

We are capable of developing Customized plugins for business applications. We research and build innovative Approaches in our development lifecycle. Good experience in developing customized plugin development for ATLASSIAN (Confluence, JIRA, BitBucket, DevOps, SonarQube, Jenkins and governance & compliance.

Software Application Development

• At Stigmata Techno Solutions we aimed in analyzing, designing, engineering, development, deployment with security testing, support of software application development to address, automate client painful areas.

• We develop tailored software to solve everyday business problems for our customers.

• With years of experience working with different genre of clients, Stigmata Techno Solutions delights the customers with the development progress, quality of work at affordable budgets adopting AGILE methodology.